Sunday, 1 January 2012

Christmas roast chicken

 Well, I hope everyone had a super Christmas?  All was good here at EatingBritish, with plenty of time spent with friends and family, which is what Christmas should be all about really.  Of course, no Christmas would be complete without the traditional roast dinner.  Most people go for turkey, I think because they can get fairly large and if you're feeding a large family, that'll be a significant attraction.  However, we have always felt that chicken, despite being eaten throughout the year and therefore perhaps not as 'special', is simply more tasty than turkey.  For this reason, we have always opted for a good, free range chicken for our Christmas roast.  This year was no exception.
 The carrots and onion help to give plenty of flavor to the gravy.  I've blogged about roasting chicken and making gravy before, so I won't mention it in any more detail just here.  Anyway, it's important to remember to let the bird rest after removing it from the oven.
 And, then serve with the traditional seasonal vegetables.
  And yes, it tasted as good as it looks!  :-)  The traditional Christmas pudding is also a must, obviously.
 This is a home made pudding, made to a recipe I was given many years ago.  I will cover it in more detail some other time, probably in the run up to Christmas 2012, as it should be first prepared a couple of months before the big day.

 Best wishes for the New Year to you all!