Thursday, 27 September 2007

In a pickle...

I finally got around to trying to preserve some tomatoes last night, although I'm not sure how well it's worked out. I followed a recipe I found for tomato chutney, but the result is not like any chutney I've ever had!

I basically just boiled nearly 2kg of tomatoes with some onion to release the juice and then added salt, sugar, vinegar and some spices. The recipe said to simmer gently until thick, but the chutney I've ended up with is quite runny, so I'm wondering if I didn't simmer it for long enough. It tastes quite nice, although the vinegar flavour is very strong. The recipe said that it should be left for three to five weeks to mature, so I'm hoping that it will taste less acidic after this time. I did wonder if the tomatoes were a bit too watery, or perhaps it's a little late in the season. Oh well, we'll see what it's like in a few weeks time!

In the mean time, I might see if I can find some other interesting preserves to try out.

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etittley said...

Quick tip: slice the tomatos the day before and layer them with salt. That causes much of the water to be released, which can be drained off the next day.

Tomato chutney is very similar to chow chow, a Canadian staple. I used to makes the stuff with tomatos from the garden, which always come in gross over-abundance in August & September.

The hardest part of preserves is the space it takes to run the preserves assembly line. The wee kitchens in the wee flats in Edinburgh really aren't up to the task. Well tried!