Sunday, 16 March 2008

Local food at the Flotterstone

I went walking in the Pentland hills yesterday, while the weather was good. It was good to get out and get some fresh air! Anyway, after the walk, we stopped by the Flotterstone Inn for some dinner. A quick glance over the menu revealed that they serve lamb from Kirkton Farm, which is literally just down the road from the pub (we passed it on our walk). I think it's great to find a place that serves not only British food, but British food from just down the road! This really is what 'eating local' should mean.

The Flotterstone appear to do two dishes with Kirtkton lamb - a rack of lamb, or the Kirkton Navarin of lamb, which is basically a stew of marinated lamb. I went for the Navarin of lamb and I have to say that it was excellent! I have eaten at the Flottersone a few times and have always enjoyed it, but the fact that they serve such local produce is really excellent. If you want more information on the Flotterstone Inn, their website may be found here:

If time allows, it is my intention to review some more of the restaurants of Edinburgh in terms of how much local produce they use, so watch this space!

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