Sunday, 18 January 2009

A new beginning

After a lapse of around 5 months, I have decided to continue with the EatingBritish Blog! My last project, to try to live for a whole year eating only food produced in Britain was quite successful. In fact, one of my conclusions was that it is not only possible, but quite easy to do this, even with supermarket shopping.

So, I thought that there wasn't really much point in simply repeating the original experiment. This time, my goal is simply to promote British food. Of course, I have continued and will continue, to buy British food produce whenever I can. After getting into the habit with the original project, I find that I still buy my vegetables this way, if I can't get the British grown version, I don't buy it.

I will soon be moving to the South of England for a new job, so that opens up new possibilities with regard to local food. It will be interesting to compare the experience of buying local food there to that here in Edinburgh - I shall be sure to blog about this!

I also intend to post more recipes, so watch this space!

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