Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Baby Cabbage

I came across these during my latest trip to the supermarket. I haven't seen these before and they are British, so I thought I'd have to give them a try. I've only used one so far, just in a simple dish with spaghetti similar to one I've blogged about before (click here to see it). They are slightly sweeter then a fully grown cabbage and have a really nice, firm texture. Actually, it tasted really rather good! Looking more closely I think shows all the signs to look for when choosing a nice, fresh cabbage:
The colouring on this leaf is just perfect! It looks really rich and inviting and there is a healthy sheen to the stalk. This is what fresh cabbage should look like, not the limp, dull, lifeless things you often see.

Anyway, I did rather well for British vegetables this time round, as you can see:

Vegetable Grown in
Baby green cabbageLincolnshire
Baby Chantenay carrotsNottinghamshire
Curly kaleLincolnshire

This really is a good season for British vegetables!

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