Monday, 8 February 2010

Sunnyfields Farm Shop and Market

It's been a while since I last shopped at a farmers market, so I was keen to see what Sunnyfields ( market and farm shop would have to offer. I was not disappointed! For one thing, they have a fairly nice cafe which serves good, wholesome food cooked on site. I had my lunch there when I went, which was apparently their 'sustainable dish of the day'. It was sausages and mash and it was really rather good.

As well as serving really rather good food, they have a small but well stocked farm shop and an open-air market. The shop has a good selection of organic vegetables, meat and dairy products. The market appears to be attended by a number of local producers, offering a good selection of produce! It's well worth checking out I would say!

Whilst I was there, I picked up some excellent bacon and some 'traditional' Venison sausages, both of which were excellent.

Both of these were good, but the venison sausages were fantastic. I cooked them in the oven, at 180C for about 40 minutes. I served them with boiled potatos, peas and the chutney I made from the tomatos I grew back last summer.

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