Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Fine food over the weekend

 I had the great pleasure of attending a friend's wedding last weekend.  Weddings are always good fun for many reasons, but one is nearly always treated to particularly good food and this was no exception!  Of course, it was great to see all my friends and to catch up, but of importance here is the food, so I'll get straight to the point!  To start, we had crab cakes which were made with flaked crab meat coated in bread crumbs and served on a bed of rocket salad.  The salad was dressed with what I suspect was a balsamic dressing, which was very good.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any good pictures of these unfortunately.  The main course was lamb shank, which I did get a good picture of:

 Lamb usually makes for a great dish and this was no exception!  Here, it has been served on a bed of mashed potato with broccoli.  It was very good, the meat was perfectly cooked and simply fell off the bone, just as it should.  Dessert was Eton mess, again unfortunately I failed to get a good photo, but it was also excellent.

 The wedding food aside, one other dish of note from the weekend was a pizza I had a Fire & Stone in Oxford:

 This was a Peking Duck pizza!  That's a first for me, I'm more used to the usual ham and mushroom or pepperoni, so I couldn't resist the chance to try something a little more exotic.  It was amazing!  Thoroughly recommended.  Actually, Fire & Stone had a huge range of exotic pizzas, so they are definitely worth checking out in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

ps We also went to Fire and Stone that weekend and agree that the pizzas are interesting and still tasty.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mikey B,
glad you liked the wedding food! But you really should have mentioned that the crab cakes contained "old bay" seasoning. This is very far from local (for you) since it's a Baltimore thing and Chris and I sent it over specially by post. I have no idea where the crabs they used actually came from - in Baltimore they use local crab meat and the crab cakes taste quite different to the ones we ate at the wedding. You should come here and try them!